by diana on February 10, 2010

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It is so interesting talking to people who have decided to really clean up their eating and incorporate more living foods into their diet. I just love it!

I was talking with someone recently who is beginning her journey into a more raw food lifestyle. She had considered doing this a while ago, but never really got right into it. After attending a session of mine on November 22, 2009, she has been adding live, healthy foods and eliminating some of the “bad” foods she used to eat. She was telling me how much better she feels.

I actually had 2 women who began inspired after attending the November 22nd session and have changed their way of eating for the better. One of them also assists in with my raw food classes here in Nanaimo. Which I am ever so greatful for!

I love to watch people become interested and motivated to make changes that will lead them on The Path To Wellness!

Here are some of her comments from this person on their path to wellness. I wanted to share them:

  • Got rid of the fear of not having enough food
  • Can resist food (and other things), she could not resist before
  • Finds the clean up very fast and easy (better than washing pots and pans with greasy, cooked on foods)
  • At first was buying too much food (fear of not having enough), but has now learned how much to buy
  • Is fine with shopping more often for fresh veggies and fruit. Knows that fresh is better and her shopping trips are faster
  • Finding that she actually wastes less food and uses all of the vegetables and fruits
  • Feels that it will probably end up cheaper than the way she used to eat
  • Realy enjoys trying different recipes and preparing meals is not a chore
  • People are curious as to what she is eating and are asking her what she is eating and how to prepare it
  • Likes sharing the recipes of her creations with others
  • She feels “closer” and more “connected” to her food now. She had a hard time explaining what she meant, but I totally understood. That is what happens when you eat living food with life energy

I hope you feel inspired after reading this! I sure do and this is why I LOVE holding these sessions and promoting raw food and a healthy lifestyle.

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