by diana on February 24, 2010

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This past weekend I went to Victoria, BC. I love spending time there. To me it is one of the nicest cities I have ever been to (and I have travelled a lot). The weather was fantastic! Especially for February in Canada. It was just amazing!

Below is a picture from a balcony outside our hotel room. It is a really old small hotel in the James Bay area of Victoria. Lots of older character homes. It is quiet there at night and a close walk to downtown. Look at the beautiful cherry blossoms on the tree outside. They were everywhere. Victoria has some amazing old HUGE trees throughout the city.

One thing about living on Vancouver Island is that there is a large community of health-minded poeple. That is one of the main reasons that I moved here from Alberta. Other reasons of course are the beauty of the island and the weather. Vancouver Island has the best weather in Canada.
I never have to worry about where I am going to get great healthy food when staying in Victoria. The city is loaded with fantastic options!
They have numerous vegetarian cafes and restaurants. One of my favourite restaurants is
This weekend we tried the raw food restaurant
Cafe Bliss

Check it out – very cool place!!

I have been eating about 80% raw (some days 100%) for a while now and I teach raw food prep classes so it is really nice to go and have someone else prepare food for me. I even convinced my boyfriend to have lunch there on Saturday. He has tried almonst all of the raw food I have prepared but still eats a diet of mainly cooked food.
Below is a picture of my boyfriend sitting in Bliss. I wanted to go there for lunch and he was going to go to another place (for cooked food) after.

I ordered and then saw these fantastic looking cookies in a jar and had to have one. So that is what I started with when waiting for my lunch. My boyfriend too 1 bite of the cookie and loved it!! I loved it also – it was THE BEST dehydrated cookie I have every had. Just look at it! What doesn’t it have in it. I love crunchy, granola, seedy type cookies and have really missed them since going raw. Well – no more, this was exactly what I was craving and what I love!! Now to find a way to make it just like they did. I am experimenting.

I ordered their raw pizza with a salad and a shot of wheatgrass. Pizza is something I do not make at home, so it was a treat. Wow!!! the pizza was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I savoured and enjoyed every single bite – it was BLISS!! That is where they got their name from I am convinced!

Since I was enjoying it so much and it looked SO DELICIOUS my boyfriend just had to have a bite. Then another bite, then another. GUESS WHAT??? He ended up having lunch there also. Skipping his cooked food restaurant and eating along side me at Cafe Bliss. He ordered the pizza and enjoyed every single bite like I did.
NOW JUST LOOK AT THIS PIZZA!!! The sauce on top – OMG! It was sooo good!! The crust was amazing – better than any cooked food pizza crust I have EVER had. My boyfriend was very impressed and so was I. We met and spoke to the chef. He was very humble but we told him how much we enjoyed the lunch and that we would be back.

Here is my boyfriend with his piece of pizza. He is inspecting a sprout.

I bought another cookie to eat the next morning for breakfast.

At home I usually start my day with a green smoothie so the next morning we went back to Cafe Bliss for a juice. They have a wide variety of fantastic fresh juices. I chose one I usually don’t make at home. I cannot remember exactly what was in it but it had beets, carrots and ginger. So Very Delicious! What a great way to start the day. They serve their juices in glass mason jars – glass is so much better than pastic!

I got the juice to-go and off we went shopping and looking around. The day was sunny and warm. What a weekend!
When it was time for lunch I was craving another great raw lunch so back we went to Cafe Bliss. My boyfriend also ate lunch there too. He was actually looking forward to it!! We even ran into another couple from our home city of Nanaimo.
The atmosphere in the cafe is very friendly and different than a regular restaurant. People talk to each other more and I think it is because eating raw is not the norm so when you are around other people who do it, you just start to talk to them. One thing I love about the raw lifestyle is that it is a real community. You feel a part of something. People are excited about it, sometimes passionate about it and people new to trying the food have only good things to say about it.
If you have a chance, please check out a raw food restaurant/cafe close to you and I promise – you will not regret it!!
I also tried a heart-shaped chocolate – YUM! That is all I can say about it. Just a big YUM!
Live Healthy & Happy!

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