by diana on January 26, 2010

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On Sunday, January 24th I held another Raw Food Introduction session in Nanaimo, BC. I love introducing a variety of raw food dishes to people and sharing why adding more whole living foods into their diet is so crucial. My mission is to get across the importance of eliminating “fake” food and feeding the body “real” nutritious food.

Our society is so fast food driven and because our lives are so busy it is easier to grab packaged and prepared food than to prepare healthy “real” food. But…what is the consequence of doing this? More and more people are being diagnosed with with diabetes, cancer, obesity, arthritis and many other conditions, diseases and illnesses. North America is not a picture of health.

Healthy food is out there and available to everyone. People need to buy it and use it. That is where I come in and why I do these classes and sessions.

Here is a picture of the group I had with me on Sunday:

As you can se, I even had a young attende and she LOVED the food and the green smoothies!

Here are some pics of what was served:

Of course what is a raw food class without veggies! To spread on these veggies we had:

Cashew Cheese, Date/Cashew/Carrot Pate and Sunflower “Refried Beans” Pate (with no beans). These pates are all dairy free. Everything is gluten free and dairy free.

The pates are great because they are high in protein and good fats. They are also filling!

We also enjoyed zucchini pasta with marinara sauce, a green smoothie consisting of spinach, lettuce, kale, apples, mangos, lemon and water.

Kale and cabbage salad full of nutrients.

The chocolate pecan pie was absolutely delicious!!! Hard to believe it is also nutritious! The icing is avocado, raw cacao powder, vanilla and dates.

I wish I had more pictures of the food. I have to admit we were so busy eating it and enjoying it that I forgot to take pictures – next time I promise!

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