by diana on January 20, 2010

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Ah….The Good Life…..

I have just returned from 1 week cruise through the Carribean. It was a working holiday but time away is always good and I met some truly fantastic people.

The pic is me in Cozmel with a couple of young coconuts. I was so happy to see these coconuts being sold on many of the stops we made along the cruise.

Young coconut water and meat is so fantastic for you and just what I needed with all the fatty and unhealthy food being served on the ship.

Once you finish drinking the delicious coconut water, they will split the coconut for you so you can enjoy the wonderful meat of the coconut. The amount of meat and water in the coconut is determined by how old the coconut is. The younger the coconut, the more water and less meat.
Coconuts are now finally receiving the recognition they deserve and the respect they have always received by the inhabitants of the islands and regions they grow in.
In Ayuvedic medicine they are considered to have medicinal qualities. Coconut water is a great natural electrolyte drink high in potassium, calcium and magnesium. Coconuts are great for digestive problems and a fantastic immune booster. I use the coconut oil on my face and my body for a natural moisturizer.
It is anti-viral and anti-fungal – how great is that!! I had it whenever I could while on this 1 week cruise. The food on the ship was not my idea of health food. But…there are always healthy alternatives when faced with what to eat on a trip. I did try and always choose healthy alternatives.
I loved the food on the islands we stoped at. Take a look below at our fantastic lunch we had while on Cozumel. And the view – just to die for!!!

This is a picture of our meal at an very cool spot on the island of Cozumel in Mexico. (Usually at home I eat about 85 – 90% raw, but on this vacation, I had to add some cooked food or I would have lost a lot of weight I cannot afford to lose).
Seafood Ceviche, tortilla hips with salsa (freshly made), guacamole (so good) and beef tacos that were prepared beautifully (my friend ate, plate on far right/back). The food was fresh, tasty and full of goodness. I do still eat some seafood. I took advantage of it while we were in these tropical destinations.
The picture on the left is me during that lunch. Just take a look at the view! It was a great day.
There are always healthy (or healthier) alternatives to eat while you are traveling. What I also do is look at the full menu, see all the food they offer and then mix and match. I don’t often order a meal exactly as they serve it. I change it up. They are fine with this and I rarely have a problem.
Skip the meat, add more veggies, add some avocado. People are always amazed at what I come up with, I am able to find something healthy to eat pretty much every place I go. Try it! Make up your own dishes from the foods that exist on the menu. It really works and it gives you healthy options wherever you go.
On the cruise ship the options for high fat, over-cooked, processed and food that is devoid of nutrients are numerous. It is not a place to go if you are on a diet. It is very overwhelming. Thank goodness for the salad and fruit options available at every meal. That is what I chose. I basically ate almost all raw for breakfast and lunch on the ship and for dinner I would request more steamed veggies with my meal and I would order 2 salads (they are small). They also let me mix things up and I just had to ask.
So, while on vacation, or even at any restaurant you go to, look at the menu, order a combination of healthy foods at are available. Mix it up! Hopefully you won’t have any problems doing so and you will enjoy the good food. Just think of how much better you will feel after and you won’t waste food on the plate that you didn’t want.

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