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It will be NEW and Improved and will be 14 days. This program will be on a different web page on or before October 24, 2015

Are you feeling sluggish, lack energy, experience headaches, weight gain, bloating, digestive issues, congestion or body aches?

You are definitely not alone.


“I want to let you know that part of my motivation for starting the program was because I was having a lot of joint pain – in my wrists, elbows, fingers, knees and ankles.  I knew that cleaning up my diet would alleviate some of this, and I wanted to see how far I could get before going to the doctor for treatment.  Well, now I have no joint pain.   Seriously.  Clearly, my sugar/wheat/caffeine habits were causing all kinds of inflammation (as well as wreaking havoc on my gut).  My head is clearer, my energy is better, and I just feel better about myself.”    Linda B

You know you need to clean up your diet. But….are you busy and do not have the time to do the research, gather the recipes, figure out what to eat, when to eat it and how much to eat?


This is a perfect time to start!

It is really the right time to clean up your diet and increase your energy, lose a few pounds and really ENJOY 2014!




This is for everyone.

Even if you have not tried “Raw” recipes before, YOU CAN DO THIS.

The menu plan includes smoothies, juices (no juicer required), raw food and some cooked foods. All ingredients can be purchased at a grocery store or health food store. We are just dealing with REAL whole foods. I keep it simple.

This is not all raw – the recipes include raw and cooked healthy, delicious foods.

In This Program You Will Get:

  • An e-mail from me a day for the 30 days
  • Videos from me guiding you through the 10 days
  • HOW TO recipe videos on some of the recipes in the program
  • Shopping list of things to buy and where to buy them
  • How to stock your kitchen.  Including what appliances are required
  • Simple and easy recipes for the 10 days (drinks and food) – PLUS as a BONUS my new 30 DAYS TO EATING HEALTHY Calendar
  • Information package (received on first day) with all the information you will need. Mindset of eating healthy, the importance of more raw foods, steps to take for better health, natural skin and body care recipes you can make and what whole food supplements and super foods you MAY (optional) want to add to boost the cleaning and cleansing process of your body, supply you with a large amount of minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids, protein and more!
  • E-mail access to me any time during the 10 days

“I just finished the 10-day cleanse and I loved it!  The recipes you provided were easy to follow and delicious. I have always been fairly conscious of what I am putting in my body but had developed a few bad habits….a glass of wine several nights per week and sweets have always been my weakness.  Doing your cleanse got me “back on track”. I am going to continue with the smoothies and salads during the day and am looking forward to trying recipes from your 30 Day Calendar.”     Moira J

“I cannot tell a lie. This WAS easy for me…partly because I was good and ready, but mainly because Diana laid out a really straight forward plan to follow. I was excited to go shopping for wholesome, organic foods, I used the preparation tips and recipes that Diana provided, I took inspiration from the videos and breezed through the 10 days. I had a few days of mild detox symptoms, but now I feel great and I have renewed energy! The bonus? Down a pant size. Woohoo!! I look forward to maintaining a clean diet and reaping the reward of good health.”     Linda B

** BONUS **


A healthy recipe a day for 30 days (digital version)

“I’m following this program right now and I highly recommend it! Diana Marchand of Raw Foods Made Simple, has put together an incredibly valuable package for 10-days of clean eating, along with recipes, videos and plans. It feels good to nourish my body in this way and it’s fun to learn new techniques and get new recipes. Thank you, Diana!”    Laura McCafferty, Inspired Coaching and Development

“Thank you for this great program Diana, I too really enjoyed it and found the recipes really delicious and so did my family. I had a day or two of detox symptoms, but I’m feeling full of energy and have also seen the scale drop more than a few pounds, even though that was not my whole motivation. So thanks again for your support, you’ve been such a valuable resource of knowledge throughout the whole process. I look forward to continuing with your 30 calendar of delicious recipes!”  Kate P


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